Students to lose 833 parking spots

By Will Wright

When students return from winter break they will come back to 833 fewer parking spaces in Commonwealth Stadium’s parking lot.

Commonwealth Stadium’s renovation project will begin in late December and should be completed in October of 2015.

Due to the renovations, an additional 249 parking spaces will be removed during the 2014 spring break, and 249 more spaces will be lost during the 2015 spring break.

Some parking spaces will only be out of commission during construction and reopen at the end of the break, but 673 spots will be permanently lost due to the stadium’s renovation plan.

After winter break, there will be 4,048 parking spots for the 5,083 permitted cars.

Some students worry that parking is difficult enough already and that removing more than 800 spots by the start of spring 2014 will make it even harder.

“I think the parking situation on campus is pretty (bad) as a whole. I already have to walk (more than a mile) to my dorm,” economics junior Caitlyn Aitken said. “I hope I still have a spot.”

UK Parking and Transportation representative Chrissie Tune said students and employees should adjust their commute and find a spot in a different area if they cannot find a spot by the stadium.

Dietetics sophomore Heidi Olson said she doesn’t think it’s fair for the university to remove that many spots without giving students an obvious alternative.

“I mean, K-lot is bad enough as it is,” Olson said. “It’s been worse this year. I already have to walk a half mile to my car, so to have to walk further or have someone drive me is just a pain.”