Remember, remember Thanksgiving this November

Eleanor Hasken Assistant photo editor

Eleanor Hasken
Assistant photo editor

Is Thanksgiving still happening?

This may seem like a dumb question, but it’s almost as if the holiday has been wiped off the calendar.

As soon as November began, two radio stations in Louisville — my hometown — started playing Christmas music 24/7.

From the weekend I spent in Louisville, I could already tell that they were dredging the bottom of the barrel for tunes.

If they’re already dusting off the records from the ‘40s, what will they be playing come mid-December?

The other day I walked into Meadowthorpe Kroger and was greeted by the Salvation Army ringing a bell and asking for money. As I wandered the aisles I was serenaded by a myriad of Christmas songs. The themed aisle had been overtaken in red and green, and Christmas trees were being sold at the door.

Kroger isn’t the only place that’s jumping on the Christmas season early. Lights and Christmas trees have been going up all over the country. I see Christmas trees glistening in windows, covered in tinsel and draped in fake snow. Black Friday deals are beginning as early as Nov. 24.

If Christmas started in early November, does this mean that Valentine’s Day is starting on Dec. 26?

This may actually be a great thing. I can start eating chocolate as soon as I finish eating entire pies. I can immediately redecorate everything in pink and white and begin listening to Marvin Gaye. Christmas starting early isn’t the only reason Thanksgiving has disappeared off the calendar. UK students are treating Thanksgiving like it does not exist.

Instead of hearing about Thanksgiving plans or visiting family, conversations have been devoted to talking about which stores to visit or homework to do. It is almost as if our non-existent fall break is coming next week, not Thanksgiving.

Every student on campus needs a break. Everyone I have talked to feels like they are drowning in schoolwork.

Thanksgiving break used to be a time of celebration, but instead it’s filled with stress about completing exams or papers.

Thankfully, we’ll all have Christmas music to listen to while we are typing out hearts out. If we’re lucky maybe we can get hot chocolate instead of apple cider to keep us warm. And there won’t be a pumpkin-filling shortage this year.

Although Thanksgiving may not be occurring next week, I am grateful we get a break of some sort. I’ll have to force myself to make a considerable amount of headway on papers, but at least it will be without the fear of missing class looming over my shoulders.

For all of those that are fighting the takeover of Christmas, I wish you luck. I hope that you will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving safely and responsibly.

Eleanor Hasken is the Kernel’s assistant photo editor and editor of The Kentuckian. Her Thursday column appears weekly in the Kernel.