We are UK: procrastination nation

Contributing Columnist

Contributing Columnist

Monday marks the beginning of another work week or another week to put off work.

Every one of us, whether you are a freshman or PhD bound student, have some daunting project looming in the distance, barreling down on us screaming, “Do me.”

We sit and stare at our syllabi knowing there is an exam or paper due in a week, tomorrow or the next day, and yet we sit on our butts watching episode after episode of Breaking Bad.

We try our darnedest to catch up on a show that, thanks to the Internet, we already have a slight understanding of the finale.

While I give you countless accolades for picking up the paper to show interest in what your student body is thinking, doing and feeling, there is probably something a teensy bit more productive for you to be doing.

While you have shown interest in something, and I commend you for that, maybe it is time for you to start showing a bit more interest in your studies.

Procrastination is the finest way to see exactly how well you can deal with pressure.

The clock is ticking.

You take sip after sip of your coffee thinking, “When will this work load end?”

You have tabs all over your laptop screen full of research and yet you sit scrolling through tweet after tweet, status after status, and countless Instagram selfies.

You don’t want to be doing it.

You certainly don’t need to be doing it either, yet you can’t stop and probably won’t stop anytime soon.

I’m here as your voice of reason.

You can get through this.

Click those tiny Xs and get back to work.

Part of the wonder behind Netflix is that you can watch it whenever you like.

Your favorite shows will be waiting for you when the weekend appears.

Put down the remote and pick up a pencil.

Procrastination will not get any of us anywhere.

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