Off-campus SAB concert gets good reviews

Nora Patterson of Royal Teeth sings at the SAB concert at Cosmic Charlie's in Lexington, Ky., on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Photo by Adam Pennavaria | Staff

By Will Wright | @KyKernel

The Student Activities Board brought the bands Wild Party and Royal Teeth to Cosmic Charlie’s for their first off-campus concert Thursday night.

About 100 people attended the concert. Students thought Wild Party and Royal Teeth complemented each other well and created a fun atmosphere.

“I think it was really great. I think pairing them together was really spot-on,” said economics freshman Damir Kocer. Fearless Records employee Damon Bodine came to see Wild Party perform.

“The singer is spot-on live. The vocals were dynamic throughout the entire show. I think you’ll be seeing them in very big venues in the next year,” Bodine said.

Members of the SAB said they didn’t know what to expect before their first off-campus concert, but they thought it went well. Lucas Hughes, the guitarist for Wild Party, said he enjoyed the reactions of the crowd.

“I didn’t expect this kind of a scene in Kentucky, but it’s very cool,” Hughes said.

Wild Party came from San Antonio to perform. Royal Teeth ended their show with confetti, leaving the crowd screaming even after the band members walked off the stage.

“There’s a lack of campus space to program in, and we’ve been wanting to experiment with this in a long time,” SAB Director of Concerts and integrated strategic communication major Derek Operle said.

Operle said he was satisfied with the event.

“I thought it went really great. It’s this board’s first try at this kind of thing,” Operle said. “I mean, we got about 100 people on the Thursday before dead week.”