Andrew Wiggins, future Cats set for Jordan Brand Classic

Andrew Wiggins dribbles the ball at Scott County High School in Lexington, Ky., on Sunday, November 18, 2012. Photo by Tessa Lighty | Staff


By Matt Overing | @KyKernelSports

The University of Kentucky will be well represented at the Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday.

Six high school seniors committed to play basketball for John Calipari next year will take the court at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This is the first Jordan Brand Classic being played in Brooklyn.

Andrew Wiggins, the only undecided recruit at the event, will be playing for the East team beside UK signees Aaron Harrison and Julius Randle.

Andrew Harrison, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee and James Young will play for the West.

Wiggins played beside Randle and Johnson in the McDonald’s All-American game on April 3. Their East squad lost to the West, 110-99.

Prior to the McDonald’s All-American game, Wiggins participated in the POWERADE Jam Fest slam dunk contest, finishing third.

The 6-foot-8 Canadian-born forward is the  top prospect in the 2013 class according to every major recruiting service. He played high school basketball for Huntington Prep in Huntington, W.Va.

Wiggins won the 2013 Naismith Boys High School Player of the Year Award and the Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year Award.

He has yet to set a date for when he will announce his collegiate choice.

Wiggins has visited Florida State, Kansas, UK and North Carolina this winter.

Wiggins told Jason Jordan of USA Today that UK would contend for a national title if he chose to be a Wildcat.

“I do think that though,” Wiggins said. “I mean come on now; me, Julius (Randle), the Twins (Andrew and Aaron Harrison), James (Young), Marcus (Lee), Dakari (Johnson); who’s stopping that?”

No other school has more than two recruits playing in the 12th edition of the Jordan Brand Classic. If Wiggins committed to UK, that would make seven UK commits who will have played at the prep event.

UK has been well-represented at the Jordan Brand Classic in the past. Nerlens Noel, Archie Goodwin and Alex Poythress represented UK in 2012.

With this year’s participants, 24 UK recruits will have played in the Jordan Brand Classic since the game’s creation in 2002. That’s the most out of any school and nine more than second-best North Carolina.

Two future Cats did not make the cut for the Jordan Brand Classic. Derek Willis and recently-added

2013 Kentucky Mr. Basketball Dominique Hawkins were not invited to the event.

The game will be broadcasted live on ESPN2 Saturday at 8 p.m.

The constant hype of Wiggins going to FSU to play with his BFF at his parents Al ma matta is crazy when his elder brother was being recruited FSU didn’t show any loyalty to the family plus all the future speculations say XRMays will be on the bench watching Wiggins play if he goes to FSU .XRM would be better off to watch him on TV playing for a National Championship rather than going down with the ship.If Wiggins goes to UK XRM will have a much better chance of getting more playing time an a much better chance to show his talents !

We are stack this year and we have a good chance of going undefeated if A.W come to the best school in the nation UK

Article correctiob.The Photo discreption says ” Scott County High School in Lexington, KY” – WRONG. Scott County High is in Georgetown, Ky, 12 miles north of Lexington, KY

Jim Everitt, now what you are talking about when you post against BBN, “2 elite eights in the last ten years”? How about three in the last four years, including 2 final fours and a national title! You sir are an idiot! UNC isn’t even a top ten program right now, you dare compare them to KENTUCKY! Idiotic….just saying;-)

It should be a simple decision for Andrew Wiggins to pick the Kentucky Wildcats.He’ll be able to become part of a “once in a lifetime” recruited class.It will get the maximum press & T.V. coverage that any group has ever received.His only indecision,in my opinion,would be from his shyness of the coverage.He’s got to WANT to meet this great opportunity & challenge.”Welcome to Wildcat country Andrew !”

I understand how everyone is excited to know where Wiggins is going to choose since he is the only player in the top 100 not to have made a decision ? It’s hard for me to understand how he and his parents could consider another school ? If he comes to Kentucky he will go down in history as being on the greatest team ever assembled and probably win POY and number 1 draft pick to go with a National Championship which equates to about 5 million a year for 3 yrs and the 4th yr optional equals 20 million for one year in college he will make more money than 99.9% will make in there life with a Batchlors or Masters degree !!! Especially since Roy plays his experienced players over freshman 90% of the time and the other 10% he puts them in situations to fail in order to get them to come back for another year even the NC faithfulls complained about it this past year .. Kansas hasnt been able to get it done the last 2 years with teams that had much more senior leadreship and talent than what there going to have next year , according to Bill Self that is what is necessary to win a championship . That just leaves Florida State which will have a very young team with the number one player that is trying to play hard to make up for players that dont have the potential like Kentucky had this year . Hope Wiggins doesnt end up like Noel did if he goes to FSU ? Also playing in a expanded league next year with Syracuse ,Louisville ,Notre Dame and all the rest of ACC . His brother will have a better chance of making it to the dance next year if he goes to FSU. !!!! Go Big Blue !!!!

Andrew Wiggins should be looking at what team will benefit him in his future. Kentucky has a log history of winning nation titles.
The players who play for Kentucky are chosen for the NBA in the top 10 places usually in the upper part of the top 5. These players normally get the highest paid contracts on teams that compete for the NBA championship every year. When these teams renew contracts of these winning team players the players go up and up as lomg as the teams winn. These players are happly because the players make millions of dollars. Going to Kentucky is the first step of player to achieve his dreams. Going to other colleges don’t elevate the players to such high places like the NBA like Kentucky does.If I was in Andrew Wiggins’s shoes I would make the right choice and come to Kentucky so that I could forfill all my dreams.

UNC clearly is his best choice, with Roy’s up tempo offensive style. And comparing programs, UNC is number 1: all time record vs. Ky. 23 wins vs. 14 losses; & recently 6 Elite 8 appearances last 10 years with 3 Final 4s & 2 championships ( for comparative purposes Duke 1 Elite 8, Ky. 2 ). And, UNC more NBA current players than any other school. ESPN recently picked UNC number 1 program over last 50 years with UCLA number 2. UNC will be his best choice & will be his pick.

irememberwahwah says. When the greater standouts of the NBA are listed..Magic, Bird, M.J.,Lebron,Kareem, Wilt,Bill Russell,etc. only one U.K. Wildcat in my memory, Dan Issel might crack the top 100. Mashburn and Cliff Hagan maybe the top 200. Point being, we’ve never had a pro blue chipper..and yes I know John Wall and Anthony Davis have potential at some future time. Many are saying Wiggins shows this kind of early talent..maybe, maybe not. But He is certainly worth all the BBN’s recruiting support. Could some of you dissers and naysayers knock it off! I wonder if some of you aren’t Blue Devils in sheep’s clothing.

Wiggins needs to go to florida st keep us big blue nation fans from having to put up with his ball hogging , watch him next game he cant play team ball its a privilege to come to uk he would just disrupt are rotation next year , we dont have to wait on decisions at ky, he hasent decided by now hes not going to be a team player, wiggins your not so great trust me we all watch you against are future team and u get shut down

We dont need wiggins , he sitting back and saying if we get him we would win another national titlte , as little as he knows where going to with or without him his choice , he didnt inpress me in the last game reminded me of another archie goodmen ball hog we dont need that , will be find without him and it might be better without him

Most would agree that we here at BBN have been avid students of Big Blue sports and we have seen many special and gifted atheletes make the University of Kentucky a powerhouse in Basketball for one.

We recognize that atheleticism and skill is essential but we know from much experience the desire to win frequently defeats a superior player and squad.

Because we believe Wiggins is a winner. We think that his committing to the University of Kentucky is a very positive way to demonstrate especially to the next level, his will to win.

If I muster all my reckoning and slip into the shoes of Andrew Wiggins, I can not for the life of me come up with a choice that makes more sense.

A. W. knows.


If Wiggins doesn’t choose KY he will just be one of the better freshman players with mediocre media attention no matter what school he chooses. All the media will be on UK. Once he says “UK” he will be thrown in the middle of all the publicity. All games televised, top TV interviews, print, etc.
I mean just signing with UK will make him a star even before he makes a basket. The power of the BBN is unbelievable.

To tell the truth I do not care where he goes at this stage. They say he is on the shy side then get it over with. I seems to me he does love the attention. I bleed blue but nobody needs to be courted like he is the best that there is. Wiggins if you want a national title go to UK if you want to put in your year before going to the NBA then just pick a team.

There is a dark side to Wiggin’s choice should it not be UK. If he should choose either N.C. or Kansas, suddenly there is a major threat to Kentucky winning it all. North Carolina would add huge offense to a pretty solid class next year. Same with Kansas. At the very least it would be no walk in the park for U.K. to win it all. If not us then I hope it is FSU who gets him. irememberwahwah

Andrew, make the right choice and join the BBN. You will do fine and probably be a top five pick in the NBA draft after one season, but you will probably only have one chance to win an NCAA National Title and that one chance is if you choose UK. After this year’s team performance, there are no guarantees, but the Wildcats should contend with or without you. I’m not sure that can be said for the your other choices. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide. You have a very bright future ahead.

I think it would be a no-brainer if Wiggins came to UK that we would win it all in 2014. It would absolutely be the best team of freshmen EVER and likely not to happen again. The Magnificent Seven or whatever you wish to call them, and with Derek and Dominique and the returning sophomores et al, WOW! And Wiggins would still garner tons and tons of national attention, so he would not have to go to Florida State to get that where all the pressure would be on him. One man cannot do it all, no matter how awesome. UK is the best place to come and win it all! I sure hope and pray that he comes. What excitement. This team will be feared everywhere they go. Tons of press and TV stations will be at every game. History will be made. Come on, Andrew, join the BBN and be a UK Wildcat, forever in our hearts. Thanks and GO CATS!

I love his comment…”who’s stoppin’ that?!” We know, we know, so bring it on Wiggins and let’s find out who can stop ya’ll – I’m bettin’ no one! Maybe playing with all of the other recruits in the Jordan Brand Classic will give him a little taste and bring him to UK! On, on U of K!

While I sincerely hope he comes to UK it would be a real treat to see him play with our already great recruits. On the other hand if he decides to go somewhere else I am sure we will be OK. I still believe he may come to UK and why not, plenty of support and no need to feel like he had to do it ll to win it all. Here is hoping he comes. Cat fan forever!!