Sigma Nu returning to UK

By Grant Willoughby | @KyKernel

Gamma Iota, the UK chapter of the fraternity Sigma Nu, has begun a recolonization effort after being removed from campus in late 2011.

According to an appeal letter found on Sigma Nu’s website, the chapter was removed from campus after “Six individual student members of the 70-member Gamma Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at the University of Kentucky unlawfully entered the property and conducted an alcohol party in violation of the policies of the chapter; the alumni house corporation and the University of Kentucky.”

The suspension concluded in February and the fraternity is looking at opening a new chapter in the groups history.

Since the suspension was lifted, various officials have been working to restore the fraternity.

“The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and the Sigma Nu Fraternity (National Organization) have since partnered to help to rebuild the Gamma Iota chapter of Sigma Nu to be a successful, contributing chapter of the UK Fraternity and Sorority community,” said Vincente Sandy, assistant director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

Gamma Iota’s leadeship has undergone extensive training in local, state and fraternity-wide regulations in order to avoid further misdemeanors, said Marcus Dufour, Sigma Nu expansion and recruitment consultant.

“We are here to establish the next premiere student organization on campus.” Dufour added.

The Gamma Iota chapter was chartered in 1902, and has been a part of UK’s history and the state of Kentucky.

“We are here to bring back a chapter that is going to set the bar for all student organizations, while maintaining a high sense of ethics and excellence,” Dufour said.

The recolonization effort began earlier this year, and the fraternity hopes to be fully reestablished by the end of spring.

According to Gamma Iota’s Facebook page, the fraternity has accepted 43 bids as of March 2 and, according to Dufour, will begin electing and training officers in the coming weeks.

The university looks forward to the return of the fraternity, said Susan West, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

“We’re glad that Sigma Nu is back,” West said. “We’ve been working with the national organization to ensure that the transition back is smooth.”