Ice sculptors will create throne on South Campus

By Colleen Kochensparger | @KyKernel

The South Campus courtyard will be undergoing some wintry construction as the nationally recognized artists of Fear No Ice break out their chainsaws to create a giant ice sculpture Wednesday.

The Fear No Ice event is part of the UK Student Activities Board’s series Art Matters, which seeks to bring art to students by going beyond simple gallery visits.

“Art Matters was kind of my way of getting SAB arts out of the gallery and getting students involved on campus,” arts administration and spanish sophomore Brittney Woodrum said.

Woodrum is the director of cultural arts for SAB.

According to their official website, Fear No Ice is “the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company” created by Scott Rella, Kevin Roscoe and Peter Slavin in 1997.

Fear No Ice has actually represented the USA in the Olympics and has created sculptures for large corporate events, Woodrum said.

The group will be spending the day creating an interactive throne that students can sit on and take pictures with, said Woodrum, as well as promoting a separate piece for the Student Center.

“They’ll be working on South Campus, right where people live,” Assistant Director for Cultural Arts Damir Kocer said. “So we can hit the heart of the students’ day with something new, something different.”

Kocer, an economics and marketing freshman, is also working on the Art Matters series to bring new and different styles of art and art subjects to campus.

“The series’ main goal is to promote the importance of art in our lives and experience new and creative ways in which people can express themselves,” Kocer said.

The series will involve such unusual events as a fan animation performance, a gallery of student artwork and, of course, live ice sculpting with chainsaws.

Those involved with the Fear No Ice event are looking forward to seeing the reactions of students around campus.

“Ice sculpting is something kind of out of the box and different,” Kocer said.

The event will take place from 6-8 p.m