Praise for a well written argument

Wow. (Tuesday’s) article in the opinions section by Andrew Stith was well written and well argued.

I am beyond impressed. As someone who identifies myself to be heterosexual but not narrow-minded, I appreciate how Mr. Stith’s argument had facts to back up his opinion — and that he did not quote the Bible to discuss an issue concerning “the separation of church and state.”

My favorite quotes include:
— “The question is not “whose perspective has more weight in the argument?”, but rather “what is the legal rationale behind denying marriage equality?”
— “Differing options are both normal and healthy to debate over social and legal values, and I would never berudge any respectful, rational person that difference.”

This article was also well articulated, and well punctuated.

Thank you, Andrew Stith, for being the highlight of my Tuesday.

Emily K. Sward