Dance show filled with energy to take place starting Friday

By Judah Taylor

UK’s Guingol Theatre will be filled with a powerful energy this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with dance performances in UK’s “Loud and Clear.”

The high-energy show will consist of four original dance pieces, said Susie Thiel, director and UK dance program coordinator.

The first, titled “I Will Walk With You,” focuses on the internal monologue of each dancer.

It examines how experiences build someone’s life and centers around a wall built of leaves created by local artist Beck Allen.

“It (the piece) deals with your inner thoughts,” Theil said. “The thoughts you want to say but can’t. It comes from a really internal place.”

The second piece, “Always Carry a Light Bulb,” takes the audience through a “multimedia display” of text, sound, movement and dance in order to create a direct line to the audience, Theil said.

“Shuffling Data,” the third piece, is an upbeat and quirky jazz piece inspired by Czech folk music.

The choreography of this high-energy piece comes from the instincts of the dancers as they emulate the music via movement, Theil said.

The fourth and final piece, “Arriving at Turbulence,” is a hip-hop and jazz piece created by guest artist Amy Chavasse, a dance professor from the University of Michigan in collaboration with UK dancers.

“What’s interesting about this work is it’s so different than anything that people have seen,” Theil said.

Dance performances are more exciting and entertaining than any other kind of performance, according to the producer Nancy Jones, director of UK’s department of theater.

“I think students will really be surprised in a positive way,” she said. “Most people haven’t seen a dance play before and this will blow them away. Besides, what is your college experience if not a way to broaden yourself and gain new experiences?”

Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Student tickets are $10, and general admission tickets are $15. Both are available at the Singletary Center for the Arts ticket office.