Harrison twins’ father labels report of attending UK as false

By Tom Hurley & Cody Porter | @TomHurleyKernel @KernelPorter


A Wednesday night report by Cats Illustrated said Andrew and Aaron Harrison made a decision on their choice of school, according to an unspecified source.

Not long thereafter, information began to filter out via Twitter that the source informed the site that UK was their choice.

“This report is not true,” Aaron Harrison Sr. said via text to the Kernel later in the evening.

The twins are set to reveal where they will play college basketball at 5 p.m. Thursday on the ESPNU network, making the announcement live from their Plano, Tx., high school.

In an interview with the Kernel Tuesday, Harrison Sr. said his sons were “pretty close” to making their minds up on which scholarship offer they will accept.

“I would say they’re pretty close to making (a decision),” he said.

“They’re kinda of waffling a little bit, going back and forth, so they should be pretty close to it.”

Oct. 29 was the original date the top 5 recruits intended to reveal which school’s scholarship they would accept.

When asked why that date was brought forward to Thursday, Harrison Sr. joked the recent media interest in the announcement played a part.

“Do you mean beside everybody from every website, every newspaper in the world calling,” he said with a chuckle.

“I guess they got all the information that they needed that they felt like they needed to make an educated decision.”

UK and Maryland are considered favorites to land the brothers, labeled as the best package deal to ever become available to college coaches.

Southern Methodist University has not been ruled out of snagging the pair, but it is widely thought the twins will be playing for either UK head coach John Calipari or Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon next fall.

Turgeon and his assistant Bino Ranson visited the Harrison family home Wednesday in a last ditch attempt to sway the boys’ minds toward Maryland.

Whether their visit was in vain will be revealed Thursday evening when the speculation and false reports will finally come to an end as the twins confirm which campus they will soon call home.

No one knows, everyone who said it is a done deal and is wrong should be ridiculed for weeks.

Leave jealousies out of the pix and stick with the facts you have NOTHING notta and give up hopin…. it was the players not the coach..now get off the wagon…Harrisons want a Championship Maryland can’t deliver…where would you go…that’s what I thought.. congrats Cats ahead of time

i heard from a little birdy that kevin plank plans to call the harrison twins to wish them luck on their decision…… i wonder where kevin plank is from mmmmmm

They are headed to maryland…just too many advantages…under armour…family…it’s a done deal.

Looks like Reality has stumbled upon the Moby Dick for all sportswriters and UK/Cal haters, proof that Calipari is a cheater. Congrats goes out to this random commentator on a student paper website for doing what thousands of motivated, intelligent and well-connected people couldn’t do before him. How did you do it?


Why don’t you enlighten us with your infinate wisdom. What do you seem to know that the entire world has been trying to dig up for years on Cal? YAHN!

It doesn’t really matter if they choose UK or not, they won’t wind up there because the hammer is coming down on UK on some recent findings. All the big time recruits will scatter like cockroaches then.

Lets all hope it’s UK. I really believe it will be. The dad is just doing his job by trying to increase viewing for their announcement. If you were them, there’s just way too many advantages we have over Maryland. Choose UK.