LIVE UPDATES: UK Basketball Alumni Charity Game

Live Updates: UK Alumni Charity Game

Join the Kernel Saturday afternoon as we cover the UK Alumni Charity doubleheader.

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Player intros for the 96 championship team right now.  Jared Prickett, Anthony Epps, Wayne Turner, Oliver Simmons, Jeff Sheppard, Tony Delk, Derek Anderson, Antoine Walker and Walter McCarty announced.  Sam Bowie will be their coach.

Bruiser Flint coaching the Calipari Experience team.  KSR’s Matt Jones did make the starting lineup.

Anthony Epps nailed a 3-pointer and promptly flashes the “3-goggles” sign.
Line going up entire aisle to get Josh Harrelson’s autograph Johns
My seat for the UK alumni game! Curtis
Jeff Sheppard: rejected by the rim on a breakaway dunk. #oldmanproblemsAaron Smith
Jared Prickett said he would pass to McCarty every time rather than try for score a lot of points.Jerry Tipton
Simmons played more than I recall, averaging 4.8 minutes-per-game in 21 appearances for the Cats in 1995-96.

Pretty entertaining to watch the 96 team press as much as they are.  They hold a 51-17 lead mid-way through the 3rd quarter.

They are letting Nazr Mohammed sit on the bench now, just like in 1996.Jon Hale
So, yeah, the ’96 team is treating the Calipari All-Stars about like it treated everybody else. 44-15 at the half.Brett Dawson
’96 team ahead 44-15 at halftime. Tepid applause from crowd of about 1,000Jerry Tipton
The ’96 Cats are playing expert old man basketball. Just raining threes. Not much above-the-rim stuff. Father Time can’t rob the jumper.Kyle Tucker
Delk can clearly still shoot, drilling back-to-back 3’s.  96 team leads 76-25 in 4th quarter.

Calipari Experience players have emptied the bench. .  . literally.  There are 12 players on the court for them right now.

And if the 1996 team had to play 12-on-5 the whole game … I’d still take the 1996 team.Aaron Smith
The ’96 team is facing a 3-3-3-3 zone. The Fantasy Experience have 12 players on the floor with time running out in the fourth.Kentucky Athletics
Final score is 103-43, with the hard fought win to the 96 championship team. 
Reality check for the guys who did the John Calipari Fantasy Experience: their All-Star team loses to the ’96 Cats 103-43.Brett Dawson
The campers now have TWELVE guys on the floor against five from the ’96 squad, which is still swishing threes. Tucker
The finals of the Calipari Basketball Fantasy Experience tournament is taking place now on the Rupp Arena floor. 
UK’s 1996 NCAA title team was back on the court Saturday in Rupp Arena in Calipari’s charity game.
1996 team gathers for a post-game photoshoot #familyreunion Smith
Marquis Teague, DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall in the house now, too.Kyle Tucker
Doron Lamb also here. So all six draft picks from 2012 title team are in the building.Jon Hale
For what it’s worth: Terrence Jones, Teague, Cousins, Wall still in street clothes with 20 minutes before alumni game is scheduled to start.Jon Hale
Julius Randle is at UK now for his official visit. I talked to his mom yesterday before they left for Lex. Long Q&A Jones
Team coached by Darrin Horn wins the Cal Fantasy Camp. Among the prizes for the victory are trophies and custom Armani suits.Les Johns
Fantasy Camp champions receive customized Armani suits. I guess that’s where the $8,000 entry charge went.David Schuh
Darrin Horn wins Joe B. Hall Camp Coach of the Week awardJerry Tipton
Willie Cauley-Stein signs a basketball for a court side fan at Rupp Johns
Players for the Alumni Game have begun warming up, wearing more generic ‘Kentucky" jerseys instead of "University of Kentucky".Les Johns
Crowd goes wild as Perry Stevenson, Josh Harrellson, Darius Miller, Randolph Morris, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins step on the floor.T.J. Walker
Darius Miller out warming up in some electric orange shoes. Tony Delk, Anthony Davis, Shepherd, Nazr, Randolph Morris also out shooting.Kyle Tucker
The alumni have emerged: Davis, Harrellson, Teague, Stevenson, Cousins, Mohammed and Randolph Morris so far.David Schuh
Julius Mays @JMays34 and Alex Poythress @AlexTheGreat22 getting ready to watch the UK Alumni Game. Palumbo
John Calipari gets it man. This fantasy camp is a one-of-a-kind event.David Schuh
With 15 minutes to go before Alumni game, crowd in Rupp is about 8,000. Maybe 9,000Jerry Tipton
Cal introducing Wah Wah Jones, calling him the "Greatest athlete to play at this school."Les Johns
Jones takes a picture with Anthony Davis, each holding up their Olympic Gold Medals.David Schuh
Calipari takes the mic and introduces Wah Wah Jones, a former three-sport All-American at UKDavid Schuh
How Julius Randle will walk away from Rupp without committing to UK will have to be hard.T.J. Walker
That’s pure speculation on my part but if you’re a fan of basketball, and I think he is, this is an awesome event.T.J. Walker
DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Perry Stevenson, Josh Harrellson (won’t be playing), Antoine Walker, Tony Delk and Jared Prickett on
On Blue: Darius Miller, Nazr Mohammed, Randolph Morris, Jeff Sheppard, Wayne Turner, Michael
Calipari: "Will all the players hold for just one second?" as Cousins puts up a shot. Cal: "There’s DeMarcus. You STILL don’t listen."Aaron Smith
DeMarcus Cousins has hit four 3-pointers and currently has 16 pts.Erin Ashley Simon
Game so far has consisted of a lot of 7-foot guys taking threes.Steve Jones
@JPalumboFOX56 and McCarty
Cousins display clearly shows what an untapped coaching phenom Drake is. Someone finally using DeMarcus to his full potentialLes Johns
DeMarcus Cousins came to play in his return to Rupp. He has 21 points as his Blue team is up 39-21 through one quarter.Kentucky Athletics
Blue lead 39-24 after the first; Cousins has 21 points; has drained five NBA 3-pointers and even gave us an Antoine Walker shimmy… #BBNAnthony Wireman
Cousins with 21 points in the 10-minute first quarter.David Schuh
RT @yellabadazz: The homie Drake just walked in like he owned UK Haha.. times have changed
Welp at this UK alumni basketball game right now and it’s a lot to a little in favor or team DrakeGarnett Phelps
RT @KyleTucker_CJ: Wah Wah Jones played for both Bear Bryant and Adolph Rupp. Only UK athlete to have jersey retired in both football an …David Fee
DeMarcus Cousins checks out and Antoine Walker proceeds to hit four 3-pointers…White team leads 57-37 with 4:49 to go in the half…Anthony Wireman
Calipari grabs the mic during a timeout and draws attention to Joe B. Hall, who gets a standing ovation.Kyle Tucker
Antoine Walker, who is … larger than I remember … buries a 3-pointer. The White team is wrecking the Blue.Kyle Tucker
Antoine Walker makes his favorite shot – a 24-footer from the left wingSteve Jones
Complete box score from 1996 team’s earlier game against Cal’s campers. Tucker