Fans, commentators speculating about Joker Phillips

Western Kentucky upset the UK football Saturday night in Commonwealth Stadium 32-31, immediately fueling speculation about head coach Joker Phillips’ job security.

I have been a season ticket holder since Commonwealth opened and finally I am thinking about not renewing my tickets (unless Joker is fired). I am really sad about this possibility because I love Kentucky Football but I can’t stand watching this lack of coaching happen to our boys. It all starts at the top. Joker is a nice guy but he can’t coach and that’s the main thing he is supposed to be paid for. In all the years I have faithfully attended UK games I have had many many “downs” but the Joker years are rock bottom. I will have lost respect for our administration if they allow him to coach another year!

There’s really nothing much to say! We all talk about this everyday until basketball season starts! Nobody at UK gives a damn about what the fans want! What they deserve is a better product on the field. A team that has potential of winning in the SEC…Very few times have we had it! The only bowl that Joker will lead us to is the gravy bowl on Christmas day…. I gave up my season tickets up at the end of the Brooks era…The game against Mississippi State and the Tennessee that year proved to me that Joker was indeed a Joke. What the fans need to do is boycott the games and this will be the only way UK will listen. He needs to keep his mind on the team instead of flirting with the ladies!

I’ve watched Willie Taggart for several seasons. He makes alot of good decisions especially in the clutch. In my opinion he would be an excellent fit for Head Coach at UK because he knows how to work with what he’s got!