J. Cole storms Memorial Coliseum

By Jana Milan

The crowd went crazy as Gym Class Heroes took the stage at the Memorial Coliseum Thursday night, beginning the SAB spring concert with their famous song “Cookie Jar.”

“I love Gym Class Heroes,” Hannah Owens, communications senior, said. “They just don’t care and they are so chill, and that’s what I like.”

After finishing their first song, Travie McCoy, the band’s lead vocalist, did a shout-out to everyone and the crowd became more involved in the concert. He then began performing one of Gym Class Heroes’ most well-known hits “Cupid’s Chokehold.”

Gym Class Heroes kept the crowd entertained, but the majority of the crowd was waiting for J. Cole.

They finished with their latest hit “Stereo Hearts” and seemed to have won the crowd over by the end of the song.

During intermission, the crowd grew restless as they waited for J. Cole to take the stage.

“I liked (Gym Class Heroes), but I had never heard them before,” Joe Young, local Lexington resident, said. “They gave a good first impression.”

Others were more than thrilled to have been in the presence of McCoy.

“I thought he was awesome, and I want to marry him,” said Nyema Cumberbatch, an agricultural economics

As the lights went down, the crown began to grow restless.

When J. Cole entered the stage, there seemed to be a whole new crowd in the building, and no one could contain their excitement.

Many students have been fans of J. Cole since he first entered the music scene.

“I’ve been a fan for five years now,” David Martin, kinesiology freshman, said. “I’ve been here since 8 a.m., and I know every one of his songs.”

One couldn’t help but be excited by the energy that was in the room.

No one was worrying about tests or homework, they were just focused on the music and having and incredible time.

The catchy rifts/lyrics that fans instantly respond to are from “Breakfast in America” a song composed and performed by Roger Hodgson formerly of Supertramp. When watching videos of “Cupids Chokehold” what stands out is how audiences instantly start singing and moving when they hear the rifts and it’s only part of the song!

Here’s the entire song performed by Roger:

Wonderfully, Roger is performing “Breakfast in America” live soon as the beginning of his 2012 tour is right around the corner. Hope he is performing close to you…….