ESPN polls recruits to predict Nerlens Noel, Shabazz Muhammad destinations

Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad, the top two prospects in the Class of 2012, are expected to announce their college choices on Wednesday.

Both have UK among their top three schools.

ESPN polled 12 highly ranked recruits to see where they thought the two would end up.

The results:

Noel: 10 UK, two Georgetown

Muhammad: 5 UK, 5 UCLA, 2 Duke

The recruits also gave their reason for the prediction. Most saw Noel as envisioning himself in an Anthony Davis-type role next season. Some saw Muhammad being swayed by UK’s national title and one-and-done pedigree while others saw him wanting to team up with highly touted guard Kyle Anderson at UCLA.

Where will each go? Everyone’s trying to predict that very answer — and it’s a big one for UK, as landing both could make them 2012 title favorites.

the difference for kentucky this year will be the experience once again…everybody can say what they want about one and dones but calipari cant win with 4 or 5 freshman…theres too many people on other teams that are already good…ex is indiana and louisville…all the best players from both teams return will kentucky loses the best 3 players they had and the talent they have wont be as good as this years team

Actually UK has 2 top 10 recruits….. that’s why they are the 2nd ranked class in the country

Kentucky does not have the talent this year that they had last year. So far there’s not one top 10 recruit signed up with UK. Noel will have a much harder time being the next Davis at UK and finishing with only two losses and a national title unless Shabazz also chooses UK.
I actually think SYR and his McD friend Michael Carter-Williams gives Noel the best chance at a 2013 title.