VIDEOS: Car lit on fire, fans rowdy on State Street following UK win over Louisville

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Why does Kentucky have such a reputation for having stupid running in their veins? One can hardly argue the point considering this type of behavior. The entire state of Kentucky looks ignorant because of this. It makes me hope Kansas wins so there will be no reason to celebrate, we obviously have no respect for our state, our school or the UK team. Shame on anyone involved in any way, including just standing around and viewing.

As Ron White says… “you can’t fix stupid”. It’s obvious the sort of MENTALITY these students have, drinking or not. Someone could have been hurt/killed. And the damage done to cars/real property that’s not theirs (of course they don’t care–they’re just renting OR it’s not their car) and so on. I’m sure there will now be policy changes regarding student renters, security from UK, Lexington City Police and Fire, etc. What a bunch of idiots. You can hear some clapping on one video… yeah, that’s REALLY something to clap for and celebrate. Let’s hear you clap/celebrate when some law suits are filed.

Glad UK won the game…. wish you idiots were not part of it.