UPS logistics commerical not so logical to UK fans

By Kellie Oates

Anyone who’s been keeping up with March Madness has seen the UPS commercial on the logistics of a game-winning shot — and it probably caught UK fans’ attention more so than other viewers.

The commercial shows a clip from the 1992 game where Duke player Grant Hill catapults the basketball across-court to fellow player Christian Laettner, who makes a last-second shot, preventing the Cats from making the Final Four.

Though many UK students weren’t alive or old enough to remember this game, it still strikes a nerve. Some wonder if the clip was chosen intentionally. Others just have a deep rooted feeling of hate for Duke basketball.

“I mean, it’s fitting for March Madness, but as a UK fan and anti-Duke fan, I despise it,” said English junior Eliot Brown. “Also, you’d think UPS would choose a different game that isn’t so anti-Kentucky considering their airline (hub) is based out of Louisville.”

Mike Mangeot, a public relations manager for the Louisville UPS air group rebutted this sentiment in a WAVE 3 news story, saying, “We want Kentucky fans to know that there was certainly no slight intended. It was simply just a great illustration of logistics. How everything has to happen at exactly the right time for an event to
take place. And that’s the business that we’re in.”

Mangeot also said in the article that UK had “creative approval on everything” and that its officials “gave UPS the go-ahead to do it.”

“I have a hard time believing UK approved this because of how serious we are about basketball,” sophomore Clay Smith said. “The shot is great for the commercial though, so I see why UPS used it, but UK fans are diehard. Especially when it comes to Duke.”

UPS, the official logistics supplier for the NCAA, is using the pass as a metaphor for logistics. And while the idea makes sense, it still doesn’t sit well with a lot of UK students and fans.

“It was crushing, that’s how I remember it. I was about 8 years old and I remember the atmosphere in the room was like that of a funeral; like someone we loved had died,” said Chad Glasser, a pharmacy graduate student. “These feelings come flooding back when I see this commercial.”


Forget about the rivalry or “The Shot”, this is an excellent video to show the mathematics behind the shot! As a math teacher, I can’t wait to shot this as an example of trajectory and quadratic functions! Thanks UPS….wish they had added a table of values and an equation as well.

Sorry about the typos in the previous post (no edit function). Anyway, anybody that doesn’t regard UPS’s ad as objectionable is likely uninformed. Either that, or their the type that would review the political life of say, Stalin, by emphasizing all the PROGRESS made in Russia under his leadership.

Well, of course their are more serious concerns in the world, but in the world of college basketball UPS has added insult to injury by glorifying this Regional Final of twenty years ago. Kentucky has an true underdog in that game and Duke was the national champion. UK wasn’t supposed to able to give the devils in blue dress a game, yet the Ky no=name walk-ons (messin’ with Eddie Sutton depleted the scholarships) tuke the media darling Dukies to overtime. Only a fluke long shot by their star (who, before the first half ended stepped on the chest of a fallen Ky player then smirked about it – he should have been thrown out!) who had to jump higher than UPS’S overnite rates to catch the supposed “perfect pass” (and he’s 6’11!) thrown by an UNGUARDED Grant Hill saved Duke from a serious upset. That’s the REAL story and those of us old enough to remember not only don’t like the retelling by Duke fans (or their friends – in Carolina or Tennessee, or at UPS in Atlanta) or ESPN!

Wow seriously people nobody was “bashing” kentucky. ups was using a metaphor for the company and found a excellent pass that was made to represent it. it had nothing to do with kentucky or duke it was a METAPHOR. what a waste of time complaining & whining about this when there are way more serious things in the world to be worried about besides a commercial. suck it up!

Get over it. Most people who will watch this commercial do not even know, or care, that dUKe and uk have a basketball team. Dial one for English.

I think ups hit below the belt with this ad. I can’t believe based in ky that they would make this ad they must be louisville fans or maybe duke fans. I tell you what I hope people use fedex instead of them but with the money they make it won’t hurt to much. Louisville has handed ups so much they think whatever they do is ok. I know they bring alot jobs here and that’s great but come on there has to be limits.
Thank you for your time