Bobby Knight and Kentucky becoming a bigger storyline

By Aaron Smith

Bobby Knight’s seeming refusal to acknowledge UK’s existence is becoming a bigger storyline as the Cats continue progressing in the NCAA Tournament.

Knight’s views on UK — and, specifically, its head coach — go back a few years. But the story has picked up recently, starting when he said, “that team from the SEC” in response to a question about which No. 1 seed was most susceptible to an upset.

Now, national media are calling him out. SI media critic Richard Deitsch blasted not only Knight but ESPN for their actions. USA Today is covering the story, which includes some of Knight’s colleagues — including ESPN’s Rick Reilly — criticizing him. So is Awful Announcing. The Big Lead called Knight trying to ask him about the situation, and all Knight wanted to know was how the author obtained his phone number.

Will Knight’s issue ever be resolved, either by him or by ESPN? If UK keeps advancing, we’ll keep seeing what the answer will be.

ESPN will not do a thing about it. I made many complaints how Rusty wallace will not mention his rival Ryan Newman’s name while announcing NASCAR races. My dad listened to UK since 1932 on a transistor radio in an orphanage during the good ole Adolph Rupp days, our family still bleeds blue, I would be moe than willing if Rick Reilly cant’ to slap and beat Knight with a chair and do every humilating thing he has done to his players and son in the past until he screams KENTUCKY!

Bobby Knight is behaving badly?? Oh please, is anyone surprised? People who work on sports TV shouldn’t throw chairs, er uh, stones… It’s part of his brand. Like a 2 year old having a tantrum, JUST IGNORE HIM!