Water balloon fight record shattered

“The World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight” isn’t just a throw-away title. It’s a true description.

Christian Student Fellowship, University of Kentucky, water balloon fight

The Christian Student Fellowship put on a water balloon fight as a part of KWeek, breaking the world record for the world's largest water balloon fight on Saturday, August 27, 2011, just after midnight, in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Latara Appleby | Staff

On Friday, 8,957 people showed up to break the world record for a third time.

“It is awesome to be a part of it,” UK alumnus Grace Thompson said. “After those five or seven minutes on the field, it’s amazing to step back and see all of your hard work come together in such an epic water balloon fight.”

Reid Wahlbrink, another CSF organizer, said that they weren’t sure what to expect, but they had bought 10,000 wristbands because they had run out the previous year.

“I’ve been a part of the production every year,” Wahlbrink said, who described being inside of the fight as “controlled chaos.”

“It’s getting bigger every year with more people and more balloons,” he said.

The fight has turned into not only a UK and CSF K Week tradition, but also a community event.

“Older people were out on the field in their lawn chairs while we were setting up,” Wahlbrink said. “Last year a guy drove down from Maryland.”

“We would love to make it bigger,” Thompson said, when asked if she thought the fight would ever turn into a nationwide or worldwide event with all of the world record success.

“We’re looking into more record opportunities, and making it statewide in the future.”

The event brings many people to campus, and creates awareness about the organization, the cause and other events held throughout the school year, Thompson said.

“A lot of people ask us ‘Why do you guys do this every year?’ and it’s just a way to let a lot of people – 9,000 people – know about (CSF) right off of the bat,” Wahlbrink said. “We’re a Christian ministry on campus, and we’re here for UK students.”

It’s amazing to be a part of.