A look at Calipari APR scores

APR scores are out. Instead of regurgitating the same stuff at first, I wanted to make a breakdown of the three different coaches who have been at UK since the inception of the APR system. I also wanted to look year-by-year, rather than by the standard four-year rolling number given. While the four-year has value, it can fluctuate based off what the number dropped in any given year is. In the following chart, I listed the individual scores of John Calipari, Billy Gillispie and Tubby Smith for each year at their respective schools. If their score counted toward UK’s score, I highlighted it in blue. (So Calipari’s 04-08 scores come from Memphis). All information from the NCAA database.

*Denotes a year in which UK’s APR score was attributed to two coaches. This occurred during the two coaching switches. In 06-07, Tubby Smith coached, but because Gillispie arrived before April 1 (prior to the semester’s conclusion), it counts toward both coach’s profile. Similarly, in 08-09, Gillispie’s last year, the UK score of 922 is attached to both Gillispie and Calipari (Calipari also receives the 980 from his last year in Memphis).

Next, I wanted to focus a little more on Calipari and his team’s improvement over the years. I calculated the percent differential from the national average (using 100 percent, which would be exactly at the average score, as a baseline). Note that in 2008-09 I used only his Memphis score, because that’s the one I felt he influenced and was in control of the most.

Year Calipari D-I avg. % difference
04-05 913 926 -1.4 %
05-06 922 928 -0.6 %
06-07 960 927 +3.6 %
07-08 1000 933 +7.2 %
08-09 980 (Memphis score) 940 +4.3 %
09-10 979 945 +3.6 %

As evident, Calipari had below-average years in 04-05 and 05-06, but his teams have steadily improved.

Now, for some more general information:

  • UK’s multi-year score, which is what the NCAA bases potential penalties off, was 974. Previously, counting backwards: 954, 979, 941, 916, 922.
  • The complete list of UK’s APR scores, in which 16 of 22 exceeded the national average and none fell short of the cutoff for penalties. No UK team has incurred penalties since the APR began:
    Men’s sports
    Baseball: 968
    Football: 944
    Basketball: 978
    Cross country: 978
    Golf: 1000
    Soccer: 941
    Swimming/diving: 980
    Tennis: 1000
    Track, indoor: 939
    Track, outdoor: 939 

    Men’s/women’s rifle 1000

    Women’s sports
    Softball: 1000
    Basketball: 955
    Cross country: 1000
    Golf: 1000
    Gymnastics: 935
    Soccer: 978
    Swimming/diving: 1000
    Tennis: 969
    Track, indoor: 983
    Track, outdoor 983
    Volleyball: 980

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