Students stay at UK over Easter weekend

By Drew Teague

While campus does not officially close for the Easter weekend, many students ventured home to celebrate with their families. Others, though, had to remain on campus and find ways to celebrate with their UK family.

Students attempted to find ways to celebrate the holiday around Lexington and campus with their friends who have not gone home, or spend their free time catching up on classwork.

Daniel Baker, a communications senior, did not go home for the weekend so he could finish class work.

“I’m staying in Lexington and trying to get some final papers, homework done before graduation,” Baker said.

Baker said he would have stayed at UK anyway.

“Usually I do not go home for Easter,” Baker said. “I live two and a half hours away from Lexington and my family doesn’t really do much except eat a big dinner, which is usually later in the day. It would be too late to drive back after we got finished, so it’s just easier not to go at all.”

Maria Cook, a first-year graduate student of health administration, said she lives too far away to go home. She said she celebrated in Lexington.

“I usually did (go home for Easter) when I was an undergrad in New York because I was closer to home, but now my family is 10 hours away, so that’s why I couldn’t this year,” she said.

Cook stayed in Lexington where she attended church before going to work, she said.

“I went to church early in the morning and then came to work … because all the other employees wanted to go home,” Cook said.

Cook said her family normally has events for the holiday for the young members, then a large dinner to spend quality time with the family.

Because she is missing out on the family dinner, Cook’s family did send her some chocolate for the holiday.