Fowl Play: South Carolina students crow over athletic supremacy

Patrick Patterson and DeAndre Liggins guard Devan Downey during the first half of their first loss of the season,68-62, to the Gamecocks at Colonial Life Arena on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010. Photo by Britney McIntosh | Staff

The University of South Carolina Student Senate boasted the victories over the UK basketball and football teams in a letter sent to the Kernel; The Daily Gamecock, the University of South Carolina student newspaper; and UK Student Government.
South Carolina has defeated UK in basketball for three straight games and in football for 11 straight games.
The letter, signed by the South Carolina Student Body President and President of the Senate also mocked the UK mascot as being unoriginal and offered aid to the ‘wounded egos’ of UK fans.
An excerpt of the letter reads, “ … WHEREAS, any University of South Carolina major athletic program is far superior to any Kentucky will ever put together, AND WHEREAS, our mascot is both original and awesome and not just some duplicate of more than eight other Universities … AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that even under budget duress, we will provide tissues and bandages for the wounded egos, hearts and minds of wildcat nation … ”
Despite those taunts, UK Student Government President Ryan Smith said the UK SG Senate would not draft a resolution as a response.
“They’re enjoying their 10 minutes of fame and being cocky just like their mascot,” Smith said. “Every once and a while you get lucky. Props to Devan Downey, he played his heart out.”
But Smith, in response to the letter, did note UK’s achievements so far.
“Just like (Paul) ‘Bear’ Bryant said, ‘We act like we’ve been here before,’ and we’re gracious in victory and defeat. We’re 21-1, they’re 13-8 and we’re proud of our record, our basketball team and all of our sports at UK. After that game I read a good quote that said ‘People don’t remember you lost in January if you win in April.’ We’ve got a great team this year and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”
Alex Stroman, the South Carolina Student Senate president, said the resolution was passed in good humor because the presidents of both schools had recently met at the Southeastern Conference Exchange, a program that allows Student Government presidents to meet and exchange ideas.
Stroman said he was hesitant at first, but doesn’t worry about the resolution becoming locker room material.
“My biggest worry was that we still have to go back to Rupp,” Stroman said. “While I think Devan Downey is the best player in the nation, it’s going to be tough. But if it provides locker room fodder, we’ll just make sure Devan Downey is ready to play.”

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I can’t believe that this happened. I apologize to Kentucky fans, this really is immature and classless. As a USC student, unfortunately other students at USC don’t know how to act with class and this resolution is a proven fact. Good luck the rest of the season Kentucky, I’ll be rooting for you guys to represent the SEC in the national championship!

I love how the Kentucky fans are taking shots at the entire USC student body and fan base while also calling them classless. Seems as if some of you should look up the definition for the word “hypocrisy”. I also find it quite laughable that half of the Kentucky fans are humble about the mediocrity of their football program while the other half is boasting about the Sugar Bowl win some 50+ years ago. While I admit that USC does not have any major conference or bowl wins to brag about, I do think the 11-0 record versus Kentucky in the last 11 meetings suffices enough to say that Kentucky should not be putting down USC’s football program.

Big Blue Fans:
First, let me apologize on behalf of the Gamecock Nation. Second, let me put this letter in context for you. This was drafted by the student government. Which, at first glance, might seem like it represents the sentiments of the entire student body. This is FALSE. On average, about 10-12% of the entire campus even votes in student government elections, and most of that is driven by heavy solicitation. Even if this letter was signed off by the entire student body, that would still only represent a small fraction of Gamecock fans and supporters. The truth, from real Gamecock fans, can be seen all over the Carolina message boards. The REAL FANS are beyond upset that this ever happened.

We (true Carolina fans) know that Kentucky is, and always has been, a better basketball school than Carolina. Hence the extreme excitement over our upset victory. I applaud Kentucky for bringing a quality game to the SEC and hope that you can continue to be successful. I know Carolina isn’t going to be upsetting anyone’s March Madness bracket anytime soon; however, Kentucky actually has in the past and is much more likely to do so in the future than any Carolina team.

Good luck in the rest of the season. I hope we see a great game at Rupp!

Billy Ray,

Do you really know how to spell ELEVEN? Because you can’t even spell TYPO without screwing that up. No…you “meant” NFL because you don’t know any better. That’s ok, some COCK FAN of your choosing will help you out from now on. I hope.

Thank you for the apology USC fans and Alum. Now that’s class. Something Billy Ray has none of and apparently…never stepped foot in.


(By the way, this “joke” is hilarious)

Billy Ray you really brought credit to your name when you said, and I quote “I hope he(Downey) goes to the NFL.” Well done sir, you must serve on the SC Student Senate with grammar skills like that.

History Lesson for our poster Billy Ray (Hardly Dominance):
In Basketball, SC has only been to 8 NCAA Tournaments in their entire history, zero titles. We have 7 NCAA National Titles, 2 Helms National Championship trophies, and a 1948 Olympic Gold Medal.

In Football, the mighty Gamecocks have 4 bowl wins… all-time. Their best bowl is the Gator, their best bowl win the Outback. We have 8 bowl wins which include a Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and Sugar Bowl. Also, depending on who you ask, we have a share of the 1950 National Championship.

Finally, your Clemson comment. You got me, we lost to Clemson, but we beat Georgia. How’d y’all do against them?

Like I said in an earlier post, SC is the Fat Chick of the SEC. You just don’t belong. Can we trade you for Clemson? At least they have some history and class to back it up.

I’m a student at USC and am disgusted that our student government would do something like this. UK fans have always carried themselves with class whenever we have squared off in any sport. It is a classless act by our student government and I believe that they owe the Wildcat nation an apology.

Recent USC grad here. FYI: Only about 10-15% of full-time students even vote in SG elections. NO ONE at USC cares about student government. Only the bored, lonely, SG members would draft and send something like this. I am truly ashamed of the coverage this has gotten. This DOES NOT represent the Gamecock fans or the Gamecock Nation.

On behalf of USC, KU has a great squad and has been to the NCAA about 20 times more than we have. These kids owe you an apology.

As an alumni of USC I am ashamed to see that our student government representatives are wasting their time coming up with childish things like this. Jokes may be all in good fun but the president of the student body has no business writing things like this. There is a certain amount of respect that comes with a position like that and any credibility or professionalism that Mr. Stroman may have had is completely gone now. Act like we’ve been here before or we may never be again. Well done Alex, don’t think people will forget something this monumentally stupid so quickly.

I’m embarassed by this as a South Carolina fan. All that I can do is apologize to the Kentucky fans about this. This is NOT how all SC fans feel about Kentucky. Hopefully some serious action will be taken against these idiots.

I would like to apologize to the UK community. As an a alumni of USC I would like to say that this childish prank by the student government at USC is in no way representative of most of the Carolina fan base. I sincerely hope that those responsible are either replaced or made to publicly apologize for their actions.

I am embarrassed that this was sent. I am a Carolina fan and it really bothers me that this kinda crap made it’s way to Kentucky. Our fans need to learn to win with more class.

Why did the editor even give SC the satisfaction of putting this on the front page of the print newspaper? That was exactly what they wanted.

And doesn’t the SC Senate have more important issues to work out than this ridiculous letter?

The win was a fortunate one for South Carolina, but it also reflects the growth of our program. I personally watched the game, and because of UK’s ranking, we (USC) didn’t get a lot of respect from the announcers or the officials. That’s the way it always works for us, but yet, we don’t complain. So, UK, deal with it. You lost, we won. Better “luck” next time:}

For the record, the UK Student Government Senate is NOT controlled by Ryan Smith, so he has NO say in whether or not the senate will issue a response regarding the matter.

As a student of USC, this actually embarrasses me. I understand that it may have originated as a joke, but it may be one of the least classiest, most disrespectful things I have ever seen. To see that this comes from the University’s Student Government is absolutely horrid. Because of a stupid decision made by one group of students on campus, the rest of us (who do possess class and pride in the University) now must fall under the (rightful) assumptions gathered from this “resolution”.

It’s not cute or funny at all, its extremely distasteful.

South Carolina fans are terrible and classless. You would never see this from another SEC school, yet you would expect this from SC (not USC, the supreme court ruled USC is in Cali, no seriously look it up). In the SEC, they are like the fat chick that hangs out with the popular girls. They really don’t belong or contribute to the group, but everyone is nice to them because they respect the crowd they mingle with.

SC has never been to a final four or a major bowl game, yet they act like they are significant powerhouse in the world of college sports. Granted our last Sugar Bowl may have been 50 years ago, but at least we have been there. Also, the last time I checked we have more national titles than they have tournament appearances.

South Carolina = Ego of Alabama or Kentucky, trophy case of Lexington Community College

South Carolina fans stay classy and enjoy your time in the spotlight.

As the original author of the resolution, I want to first point out that this was intended simply as a friendly joke. South Carolina is on the rise. With the greatest player in the nation, Devan Downey, leading the way, we would be more than happy to meet you in the SEC tournament. After our victory there, we hope to see you in the NCAA’s! And don’t even get me started on football!! GO COCKS!!!!

Only 11 straight in football? Amateurs.

Get up to a quarter-century straight, then the Vols will acknowledge.

This was a joke guys and should be taken as such. It’s actually pretty funny, but overreacting to it is exactly what gives the big blue nation should a bad name.

Supremacy over UK in basketball? With a lifetime record of 10 wins and 41 losses, I wouldn’t really consider that supremacy. Who don’t own UK in Football, lol. Yeah, they’ve had a good 3 game run, but it’s fixin’ to come to an end here soon. Hopefully, we’ll get to play them in the SEC tournament, if they make it that far. No chance of playing them in the NCAA tournament as they will probably go to the NIT, AGAIN.

They forgot these parts,

“Whereas, we realize that South Carolina’s victory over Kentucky was heavily dependent on multiple bad calls in favor of South Carolina.

Whereas, we realize that by the creation of this document and our lack of tact that our student government program has lost an inordinate amount of credibility.

Whereas, we exude bad sportsmanship by wasting the University of South Carolina’s time and money by drafting ridiculous resolutions in order to encourage a popular new rivalry, thus attempting to lift ourselves in popularity by association with the high ranks of the University of Kentucky’s athletic prowess.”

I would love to have been there when the esteemed members of South Carolina’s senate were drafting this nonsense. Clearly, a basketball win is not a substantial accomplishment, and those who really had nothing to do with their victory have to resort to wasting time attempting to damage UK’s pride, which, as we all know, is impenetrable.