Fine Arts Building burglarized

At least four lockers in the UK Fine Arts Building were damaged Saturday night due to a burglary. Photo by Adam Wolffbrandt | Staff

UK Police were called to the Fine Arts Building on Saturday after someone broke into the building and stole several items from lockers located in the building.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said the burglars pried open several lockers on the ground floor and took at least three musical instruments, which UK Police later found and took to UK Police headquarters.

Monroe said campus security workers make routine rounds through all campus buildings a couple times per shift at night, and no suspects for the burglary exist at this time.

Hmmm…this has happened too many times already. Shouldn’t something else be done to prevent this? Many items that are stored at Fine Arts are worth thousands of dollars. A friend had his $4,000 clarinet stolen during this robbery.

Whatever, UK police are so good at cracking cases that they skip over simply “locating” lost items and get right to “relocating” them.

I don’t think “relocated” was used correctly. Where is the editing? The Kernel has really gone down hill lately.