‘Dirty’ blues comes to Lexington

By Katie Saltz

An old chicken-processing plant isn’t the traditional venue for a recording studio. But then again, Left Lane Cruiser is not what most would call a traditional blues band.
Band members Freddie J. Evans IV (aka Joe) and Brenn Beck (aka Sausage Paw) form the Indiana-based band that will hit up The Green Lantern Tuesday night to promote the release of their latest album, “All You Can Eat,” and play what they like to call a little “broke-ass blues.”
The band blends styles that wouldn’t normally be compatible, but when the two musicians come together — Evans with his slide guitar and vocals that sound as if his diet consists of swallowing sandpaper and chewing gravel, and Beck with his collection of hubcaps, trash cans, ladders and whatever garage accessory you can drum a beat on — the result is hard, rusty blues that Beck guarantees will get you moving.
“(The crowd) can expect their feet to be stompin’, and their necks to hurt the next day,” Beck said. “We hit the stage and give it everything we got from start to finish. If we ain’t drenched in sweat by the end of the night, then we did something wrong.”
The duo’s sound came together upon their first meeting. Beck was a schoolmate of Evan’s wife, who insisted the two get together and play. From that first jam session, a musical match was made. The band was formed and their first song, “Cheyenne,” was written.
With songs from their newest album, the band hopes to deliver a little more edge and add more of a rock ‘n’ roll punch to their tunes.
“Our sound has definitely progressed on this album,” Beck said. “The songs got a little heavier, and took on more of a rock ’n roll feel with this record. We wanted a dirty sound that really represented us and what we do.”
Beck said he hopes the band can provide a new experience for music-lovers in Lexington, especially since bars like The Green Lantern are their preferred venue for their “loud as hell” shows.
“We prefer the intimate settings where folks are right on top of you,” Beck said. “More than anything, we like spots where people come to get drunk and have fun.”
Left Lane Cruiser will perform along with Willie Eames at 10 p.m. at The Green Lantern located at 497 W. 3rd St.